Facials - OM Spa and Boutique
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Our Signature Facials

Classic facials that will be customized to your specific skin type and condition. Our unique, non-invasive approach to skin cares fuses the best of nature with the newest advancements in skin care technology. At OM Spa & Boutique, we believe that anyone can attain beauty through this holistic approach to skin care.


Our advanced skin sanctuary features unparalleled natural and organic ingredients. To amplify the benefits of these super ingredients, our treatments also incorporate skin care technologies including LED, Micro-current.


Each treatment allows our estheticians to combine ingredients and technologies to treat your skin issues. From Acne to Anti-Aging, our customized facials are results oriented treatment that ensure you leave Om Spa with radiant skin.

OM Signature Facial

Suitable for all skin types. Our time-honored treatment includes a comprehensive evaluation of your skin, deep cleansing, exfoliation, soothing massage and therapeutic mask to revitalize and balance your complexion.

Time: 75 mins // Price: $105


Suitable for all skin types. Heated and chilled river stones, crystals and gemstones are used to massage the face and body to release healing and balancing energies. This treatment draws on the body’s natural energy flow and the restorative, relaxing powers of aromatherapy.

Time: 75 mins // Price: $125


The Goddess Facial is one of the most decadent and popular facial on the menu. Not only are you getting an amazing, relaxing skin treatment but one that offers an intoxicating chocolate mask. Made from real peruvian chocolate extract, golden cocoa butter, french absolute cocoa, coconut powder and blueberry extract. Your skin will look and feel like a goddess. Good for all skin types and chocoholics.

Time: 75 mins // Price: $125

Teen Facial

Suitable for problematic skin with mild to cystic acne. Non aggressive but very effective approach to clear mild to cystic acne.  This treatment purifies, clarifies, and heals the skin.  It includes exfoliation, extraction, and a nutrient-rich mask. Our aestheticians work with clients to educate on skin care and increase awareness of the effects diet and proper nutrition have on achieving and maintaining a healthy complexion.

Time: 60 mins // Price: $85

Princess Olivia Facial

Suitable for pre-teens age 8-12. Named after one of my favorite clients, this treatment is a wonderful way to introduce children 12 and under to the positive effects of great skin care. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a gentle mask. Perfect for preteens experiencing their first breakout, it prepares children for a lifetime of healthy skin through education and experience. Mom and/or Dad are encouraged to sit in the treatment room to help put the child at ease and to educate parents on home skin care regimens.

Time: 35 mins // Price: $65

Collagen Rehydrating Mask

Anti-Aging. We utilize emollients, enhancers and catalysts to help pull collagen into the skin.  This is our most popular mask with a cumulative effect and long lasting results.

Time: 75 mins // Price: $115

Resurfacing Peels

Anti-Aging. Suitable for problematic skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and texture, and diminishes blemishes. Renewed skin will have a smoother, softer texture while allowing better absorption of other treatment products. We use a variety of rejuvenating peels. Our aestheticians customize resurfacing peels to best suit client skin type and need.

Time: 60 mins // Price: $105